Jusqu'aux Etats Unis !

Publié le 11 Mai 2015

Ci dessous, un article paru sur le site web de mon partenaire Américain Exotics Racing, N°1 US des stages de conduite sur voitures prestige.


Renaud Malinconi, the former FIA Formula Renault Champion who is supported by Exotics Racing, took pole position under rainy conditions at the Funyo Challenge in Barcelona (Catalunya) last weekend (March 22, 2015). Driving a Funyo 4 RC, Malinconi proved that his absence from racing didn’t erode his skill. The Funyo 4 RC is previous model racecar in the series; all of Malinconi’s competitors were driving the newer Funyo 5.

Good job!
is safe to say that the Funyo 4 didn’t slow Malinconi who remained competitive thanks to rainy weather; he took pole 3 seconds ahead of the team who came in second. Malinconi recognized that his speed in qualifying was mostly due to the wet weather that kept the other racers driving conservatively. Only because of gear-box issue did he "only" finished 6th in the race, but his chances for the Championship are looking great. Congrats Renaud!


Rédigé par Renaud Malinconi

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